Services and Sermons in August

Sermon Series: Ordinary People Transformed by Jesus

Sunday 5th

9 am Holy Communion: Peter John 21.15-19

10.30 am All Age Worship: Peter (Led by the Lunn’s house group)

Sunday 12th

9 am Holy Communion: Mary and Martha Luke 10.38-42

10.30 am All Age Worship: Mary and Martha (led by the Gossling’s house group)

Sunday 19th

9 am Holy Communion John 6.51-66

10.30 am All Age Worship with Tearfund (led by the Mitchell’s house group)

Sunday 26th

9 am Holy Communion: A Sinful Woman Luke 7.36-50

10.30 am All Age Worship: A Sinful Woman Luke 7.36-50

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