February Sermon Series

Continuing with Sermon Series on Counterfeit Gods

Feb 3rd   10.30 am Family Communion: The Seduction of Success (Naaman) 2 Kings 5 v 1-14;  5.30 pm FUEL meal, followed at 6.15 pm by FUEL Cafe Worship

Feb 10th   10.30 am Family Communion: Money Changes Everything (Zacchaeus) Luke 19 v 1-10

Feb 13th   7.30 pm Ash Wednesday Service at St Paul’s, Chester Green

Feb 17th   9 am Holy Communion & 10.30 am All Age Worship: What Do You Worship? Romans 1 v 20-25; 6.30 pm Evening Communion Luke 18 v 9-14

Feb 24th   10.30 am Family Communion: Love is Not All You Need Genesis 29 v 16-30

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