Solar Panels at Barneys

St Barnabas has solar PV panels fitted to the top south-facing roof

We’ve done this because we have recently gained access to some funds that originated from the Victorian printer and philanthropist H H Bemrose, which can only be used on the church building. ¬†With the growing problem of man made climate change and in line with the Church of England’s campaign to ‘Shrink the (Carbon) Footprint’ we decided to use some of the money for solar panels.

On a sunny day, the 100 solar panels will generate up to 25kw per hour of free renewable electricity. ¬†Electricity that we do not use will be fed into the national grid and with the government’s Feed-in Tariff (FIT) subsidy we expect to have paid for the cost of the panels after 11 years of their 20 year life.

If you have any questions about the panels please contact us.

Solar Panels on St Barnabas Church roof (3)solar panel photo of church family

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