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House Groups

If you want to grow as a Christian the best thing you can do is join a house group!

They are a great place to develop friendships, worship, study the Bible have fun and serve our local community. They are also the primary way in which we care for each other.

In the New Testament we read of whole churches (up to thirty people at most! ) meeting in people's homes (1 Cor 16.19, Col 4.15). So it is a well-tried and tested way of being Church.

We currently have three evening house groups and one during the day not including the 'Drop In' group. Groups meet on a Tuesday daytime and a Wednesday or Thursday evening. With lots of us involved in a house group if you come along to Barney's and are interested in joining one just ask and I'm sure you will be able to find out more. Alternatively just contact the office.

Read about our mission 'To know Jesus as Lord and to share His love with our local community'